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The Settlers Online Retail

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The Settlers Online Retail Version
When will the box be released and where can I get it?

Release date of the retails box is 29th of March.
Accordingly, it will be available in the Ubisoft online shop.

Who can use the box (new or old accounts)?

The box can be used for both, existing and new accounts.
Since the items and gems are included as codes, they can be activated via the "My Profile" page.
In addition, the codes can be given to friends. Each individual code is redeemable only once.

What exactly is included in the box?

Quick Starter Installation (Windows)
Booklet in PDF format in four languages
5 new desktop wallpapers, each in 7 different resolutions
The TSO trailer (high quality) in four languages

A printed booklet

5 coupon codes:
1x main voucher code
= 500 gems
+ 1x Water Mill
+ 1 grain silo
+ 250 gold coins
+ 1 of the exclusive battle-hardened General
4x secondary voucher code
= 500 gems each

Do I need a PC or can I use the box on the Mac?

Only the installation of the quick starter requires a Windows operating system.
Everything else works on many different systems, thus also on a Mac.
The additional materials have common formats such as PDF (manual), JPG (wallpapers) and MOV (trailer).
The game runs in your Web browser (with Flash plug-in), the codes are redeemed on the website ("My Profile").

Can I use more than one box?

There is no limit, hence you can use more than one box on one account.
For example, you can get 2 boxes and add 2 water mills on the same account.
Alternatively, individual codes are also given away to friends.





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28 Feb 15 : 09:57
just build a path

20 Feb 15 : 13:52
how do i get to the pump in the fire and ice map?

19 Feb 15 : 15:07
@totalwarANGEL Thanks for explanation.

17 Feb 15 : 22:50
raiting 10 by 8 votes

17 Feb 15 : 16:25
Hi guys, can you please explain the rating. what is for example 10/8! 8 out of ten i understand but not 10 out of 8...

22 Dec 14 : 13:09

28 Nov 14 : 16:34
Hi Mdiddy, if you look at the top of the page you'll see the link to the downloads section of the site.

27 Nov 14 : 20:02
I'm sorry if this is dumb, but where is the link to download these maps?

21 Nov 14 : 18:36
anyone can help me?

09 Nov 14 : 13:33
Hi Dav ... download them and copy them into your game folder called usermaps. (documents/the settlers .../usermaps)